Veerni Project
Veerni Project

Veerni was founded in 1993 to educate and empower women and girls in the remote rural areas around Jodhpur by providing healthcare and education. Since its inception the project has been funded by the Global Foundation for Humanity. In addition Veerni is funded by the Association du Projet Veerni based in Switzerland since 2011. The Veerni Project is being implemented by His Highness Maharaja Hanwant Singhji Charitable Trust based at Jodhpur. The Global Foundation for Humanity is deeply appreciative of the committed support of the Trust in overseeing the running of the project.

Veerni's mission is to educate and empower girls and women of rural Rajasthan so they can lead healthy and productive lives free from poverty, coercion and disease.

To this end Veerni focuses on adolescent girls in the desert areas around Jodhpur. The project provides secondary education opportunities as well as medical programs to bring about change in their communities.

The Veerni team, operating from the office in Jodhpur, are closely concerned with the running of the Veerni Institute. With the BJS school, The Veerni Project strives to attain excellence in the fields of education. General health camps are carried out in the Veerni Institute to ensure the continuing well being of the adolescent girls in our care.

The Veerni Institute was set up in 2005 in Jodhpur. It grew out of the challenge Veerni faced to get village girls to attend local schools and education centers. Household chores, traditions and the old custom where girls are married off at young age and serve their in-laws keep parents from sending their daughters to school. The Institute allows these girls uninterrupted education at a local secondary school.

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The Veerni project is based in the Jodhpur district (also known as Marwar) in western Rajasthan. It is a semi-arid region which faces frequent droughts and has harsh climatic conditions with very limited natural resources. Roads are in poor condition, and some villages only have access to the main road via a dirt track. Electricity and running water are not available in many places.

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